Online Collaboration App Should Be More Human - Contriber
Overview of the Contriber Collaboration Tool
See how Contriber helps you keep track of your projects and tasks
When you set up an account, your team gets a space where you can set up plenty of virtual meeting roomsā€”usually one per project or activity. Only those working on a particular project get notifications when something new happens. As a manager or CEO, you can monitor everything that happens. You can see which projects are still active, and which ones are not.
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    A happier and more productive team
    Be the leader that your team needs. Inspire them by providing the tools that they love. Contriber’s video-game like interface makes collaboration software fun and easy to use. With the right tools, work does not feel like work anymore.
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    Intelligent features, smart benefits
    Conversation flows Sharing knowledge with your colleagues will be a piece of cake. Even the newcomers wonā€™t miss a thing. No more email Fwd.
    Teamwork Use Contriber’s intelligent processes to make better decisions and develop new ideas quickly.
    Chain-tasks Keep the focus on getting things done. Let your team know what you are working on and what you have left to do.
    Workspaces Visually organize your workspaces in Contriber. Move things around, group items together. Use different color schemes and graphical editing options to design a workspace that works for you.
    Five reasons your team is going to love Contriber
    Clearing Build awareness. Let your team members share their thoughts and feelings. Give everyone the opportunity to feel valued by being heard.
    Idea Design Take your ideas to the next level. Let your intuition serve as a guide. And take into account your team’s feedback.
    Visual Interface Using Contriber’s video-game like interface is refreshing. Make working online more fun.
    Decision Maker Combine practical opportunities with irrational feelings to make more informative and intelligent decisions.
    Customizable Environment Adapt your online tools to the way you work. Not the opposite. Take control of your collaboration software.
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